Evaluation and treatment of ear diseases including hearing problems, serous, acute, chronic ear infections, vertigo and ear tumors.
Thanks to Dr Zeitouni’s hospital appointement at the McGill Univesity Health Center the full range of surgeries for the ear and neuro-otologic conditions can be performed.

Dr. Zeitouni was a pioneer in Montreal of endoscopic ear surgery.

Ear infections

Here is an informative overview of the types of ear infections.

External otitis

Otitis externa is an infection of the outer ear, primarily in the auditory canal of the ear. It is characterized by exquisite pain, sometimes purulent discharge. She rarely gives a fever. Swimming and using cotton swabs are risk factors. Treatment is cleaning under a microscope, as well as antibiotic drops. Oral antibiotics are usually not necessary. In diabetics, otitis externa can be complicated by malignant otitis which is an infection of the bone, which requires treatment with antibiotics by mouth.

Otitis media

Acute otitis media is an infection of the ear behind the eardrum. It is often preceded by a cold and may be accompanied by sinusitis. It produces exquisite pain, hearing loss and discharge can sometimes be associated when the eardrum has ruptured. It is much more common in children, but is possible in adults. An examination of the back of the nose with a camera by an ENT specialist is necessary to eliminate a mass which obstructs the drainage of the middle ear via a tube called the Eustachian tube (tube which connects the ear to the nose). 

Treatment is usually antibiotics by mouth. When otitis media produces complications (such as facial paralysis or meningitis, for example) or when children have repeated ear infections, treatment includes the surgical installation of a myringotomy tube in the eardrum.